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Maintenance Contracts

ACS offer a full range of maintenance contracts and have a wealth of experience and expertise providing quick and efficient hardware support, software support and system repairs when and where they are needed.

Server Maintenance Contracts

We offer first class comprehensive dial in and/or onsite maintenance and repair contracts to maintain and fix your dedicated servers. Our maintenance service contracts include reinstallation of the operating systems, restoration of available data backups and are designed to get you back up and running fast! On site visits carry a small travel cost to cover fuel and traveling time involved and this is quoted at the time so you won’t get any nasty surprises.
Replacement parts are also quoted at the time as we find that it is more cost effective for the client to purchase only the parts needed, rather than include them in the monthly contract fees. Many contracts include parts but much of the time clients are paying for parts which they never use.

Workstations and Laptop Maintenance and Repair Contracts

ACS offer fast response workstation or laptop maintenance contracts as we know that when your system fails, you need friendly and helpful advice quickly. ACS provides a variety of maintenance options for workstations, Pc’s, and laptops to suit all budgets. ACS offer a free consultation service and are happy to quote support contracts to suit your specific needs to keep your business running smoothly

Telephone Support

The speed and reliability of business telephone connectivity has changed the way a great many support contracts are run. Many system problems can be sorted out remotely by allowing our engineers permission to dial in to your machines using internet connection.   This is a safe and secure connection and you are always in control, only allowing access when you want it. We use state of the art connectivity and can log into your system to remotely perform configuration changes or installations as required. This is quick and offers fast response times. It means our engineers spend less time on the road and will only need to visit your site when or if hardware fails. This helps keep your and our costs down and makes the contract a more economic proposition. 





Anti-Virus Protection


It is sad to say it’s a fact that viruses now routinely roam the Internet using randomly chosen Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, to cyber-attack networks which do not have sufficiently up to date anti-virus software. These attacks vary, from simply installing tracking cookies, adware (pop-up adverts when browsing) to Trojans, malware, and phishing viruses that capture and record your keystrokes when logging into secure sites such as online banking systems.

The Risks

This is a never ending problem and we all risk internet viral attacks on a daily basis. This means that your data, and your secure websites, and bank accounts can all be attacked and accessed without your knowledge and the only way to deal with this and to prevent such attacks is to install up to date anti-virus software onto any and all computers that have access to the internet, or even on which you load data from an unproven source, via network connections, USB drives, CD/DVD’s, or Wi-Fi for example.

Anti Virus Software

Internet viruses are becoming increasingly sophisticated, and mutate, or are developed like diseases to find ways of surviving immunisation. Anti-Virus Software is also constantly developing in its complexity and AV software is growing in sophistication to track down and kill viruses as they are found. The main thing to remember about Anti-Virus software is that it has to be kept up to date, otherwise any new viruses will not be known to your system and it is only when viruses have been identified and dealt with do you get the latest immunisation updates.   




Whilst ACS is not a dedicated training provider we do offer training courses on Microsoft RMS and Magento website packages.

Microsoft RMS (Retail Management System) Training

ACS have offered support for Microsoft RMS since the turn of the millennium in 2000 and we have a vast number of RMS clients who enjoy both our support services and our ongoing RMS training provisions. Training sessions can be booked in half day sessions and are offered either at our premises or you can join our trainers in an online training session from your own location. The training courses range from beginner to advanced level and we can also tailor courses to suit your specific requirements.

Please contact us to discuss any RMS training requirements you may have.     

Magento Training

ACS offer training for Magento users. Magento is the fastest growing ecommerce website platform in the world and more people are turning to use it every day. Our sister company Syncro IT are Magento specialists and provide a first class Magento ecommerce website development service. ACS offer the follow up support services whereby Magento clients who are Syncro customers get preferential rates for support and also get preferential rates for ongoing Magento training. Magento is growing day by day and there is a constant development of the features happening constantly. ACS is keen to keep up to date with these features and as such has developed a range of training courses to suit beginners to advance users.

What if I am not a Syncro Customer?

ACS also offers Magento training for none Syncro customers wishing to hone their Magento skills to take them to the next level. Training sessions can be booked in half day sessions and are offered either at our premises or you can join our trainers in an online training session from your own location.

Please contact us to discuss any Magento training requirements you may have.